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What is SEO?

Have you ever wondered how some sites can rank so well on Google while your site doesn't even show up until the 10th page? There is a thing called Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short! It consists of back links and onsite/offsite strategies along with many other factors that could just about make anyones head explode!

What does it matter?

Google is the number one visited and searched website on the net. Being listed on Google can mean the difference between success and failure online. If your competition is listed there, you are going to want to be!

Why Snidge?

Marketing a website today means you need a professional to handle your SEO. Getting the wrong person for the job can lead to bad results including being blacklisted by Google. Don't let that happen. Let us help. We can get your site where you want to be. We have over 5 years SEO experience and we can help your business. From simple listings to aggressive SEO campaigns, we can help. We can get you where you want you to be!

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