We recently released version 1.3 of IMmailer. The cool thing about the software is that it can handle more than just your mass mailing. It is really a way to collect those truly valuable e-mail addresses. It comes complete with an auto response system with attachments, bulk mailing, individual mailing, optional double opt-in confirmation, multiple lists, CSV list exporting features, & lots more all on your own server!

 The reason why we developed IMmailer was to handle all of our mail lists. We had hundreds of lists in text format all over the place from all of the websites that we had developed. We needed a way to manage all lists in one interface. We didn’t want to sign up for one of those pricey mail accounts, we wanted full control, right from our website. That’s where it was born!

 To give IMmailer a try, go to:

 Username: admin
Password: password

 To find out more about IMmailer and to get your copy, go to:

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